How to Choose a Genuine Psychic

By Estella Faith


I often hear people comment and deliberate over the sheer amount of psychic's there are to choose from, well my answer to this is "yes there are thousands but out of these thousands there are hundreds of fakes". Being a genuine and gifted professional psychic I wanted to tell you what to look for and how to go about choosing the right psychic for you and your needs. Our laws and regulations are that you must be over the age of 18 years and that all readings that are performed must be viewed as "for entertainment purposes only" and this is because of the laws of the land and not normally any general opinion of the psychic reader.

A genuine psychic should be someone who is able to offer you guidance in a spiritual and settling way and there are no set rules or regulations how each individual psychic does their work, for instance, it may be they work with your energy, use their spirit guides, work with divine methods such as angel and tarot cards or other useful items for giving good solid readings. When people contact a psychic it is usually because they are feeling low, nervous, anxious or excited about a certain situation that is or may happen to them.

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Ask the Psychic - Where Is My Guardian Angel?
A Radically NEW "View" on Guardian Angels

By Michael A Martine


Where is my guardian angel? Is he or she around me all of the time? How come they don't answer when I seek out their help? Can they hear my questions? What about when bad things happen? Were my angels, spirit guides and personal protectors NOT paying attention... or do they not have the power to protect me from pain, problems and harm?

Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the thousands of people who regularly read our blogs, newsletters and articles, the BIG question you have is how to get evidence that your angels are around.

I'm going to make a radically different suggestion about how you can find your angels... and how life itself, and the people, path and purpose you live, can reveal a whole heck of a lot more about who your angels are, than looking above.

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